FMCG marketing

Consumer behaviors shift, the channel landscape changes and you need to reach target customers through a different perspective and approach.

There's power in digital even if it's about consumer goods.

Digital marketing helps to establish a relationship with the customers from the start, not just capture them at the final buying stage.  We can build a strategy to personally engage with your target audience and help you present your brand in an innovative way.

E-mail marketing

Keep you customers updated on your latest products. Target customers at different stages, and influence their decision on making a purchase. Push them to complete shopping or retarget existing customers.


The global e-commerce market had sales reaching $3.5 billion by the end of 2019. It's 14% share of global retails. People are more likely to shop online because of it's convenient solutions. Don't miss out a big opportunity like this.  

Online campaigns

Consumers are getting more digitally connected and 74% of people trust social networks to guide their purchasing decisions. PPC advertising can be the best investments you'll make when it comes to digital marketing.

Have digital shelves, besides physical ones.

The more attractive your packaging, the more people likely to buy your product. In digital perspective, it works the same - you can present your products and influence purchase decisions. Like POP and POS, you can showcase your products while consumers are searching similar products like you offer.

Besides, we are able to measure every aspect of your digital campaign effectively, and get deep customer insights.

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Build  a strong community

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Leave one-way promotions in the past, and bring value to the customers' life, because having a solid community is indispensable in developing a loyal consumer base.

We can help you finding your target audience, refine your marketing strategy and drive conversions. A lot of conversions, actually. 

Your presence is not only necessary, when your brand has a new product or service to offer. Don't be forgotten. Have a constant presence. With unique content and helpful information you are able to help people recall your brand when they're making a purchase decision.

You can't look past influencers.

49% of customers depend on influencer recommendations. They need confirmation on making the right decision about buying a product - they also look up blogs to find information to be certain of a product's true reputation.  Content creators forge strong ties with their engaged audience. They also have 3 times more views and twice more actions compared to actual celebrities. 

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Cross-channel marketing mix is important

FMCG sector need to develop a strategy which effectively combines digital and traditional media. Customers might browse on the internet, while watching TV or check their phone while commuting, or in a traffic jam with radio in the background. Customer awareness is hard to get, but not impossible.