Ecommerce marketing

The online market is an ever growing place. Convert top-of funnel traffic into sales by increasing brand- and product awareness. 

Goals based on benchmarks

Deliberate strategy


Accurate target audience

Online stores need much more than an eye-catching, easy-to-use website and competitive pricing to stand out from the competition.

A strong online presence is a must. Converting users into paying customers and driving repeat purchases requires strong e-commerce marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing and traffic analysis is  able to help gaining and keeping customers.

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SEM became a crucial part of companies' online marketing strategy in case of the increasing number of online shoppers and online trading businesses. It involves PPC campaigns, display campaigns, or product-specific ad campaigns which helps you to gain more visibility and prominence than organic results. 

Focusing on the right keywords even on your product's landing page is a key principle, so search engines know to return your ecommerce store for the right query.

Get results

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is important even in the ecommerce area - as it is a highly visual field. Platforms. like Instagram and Facebook can be a perfect match because it enables you to post unique product photography and expand it's reach beyond its purchase page. With a step forward, creating shoppable content allows users to shop right away. 

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E-mail Marketing

Keep you customers updated on your latest products. Target customers at different stages, and influence their decision on making a purchase. Reduce shopping cart abandonment, retarget existing customers or do a post- purchase follow up. 

Influencer Marketing

With the accurately chosen influencer, you can easily have influence over your target market. They have bulit strong communities that trust them. It is, therefore, easy for them to gather attention around your product through a recommendation, or “sponsored post.

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